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Latin for “Of The Sea,” Aequorea began in 2011 as a search for vineyards that ventured deep into the coastal no man’s land where we were raised. Here, on this foggy, windswept coast west of the Santa Lucia Mountains, we work with a group of dedicated growers who possess a shared passion for farming closer to the ocean than most anywhere else in California. From these special sites we focus on single-vineyard Pinot Noirs and aromatic white wines that are transparent of their terroir and the extremity of where they lie. All of the vineyards are no more than 6 miles from the ocean, blanketed by a thick marine layer in the summer which recedes each afternoon as cool breezes arrive off the Pacific.

Spanish Springs Vineyard

Located 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Pismo Beach, Spanish Springs Vineyard covers a series of steep hillsides composed of uplifted marine seabed. It produces vibrant, energetic wines possessing gorgeous aromatics and striking salinity.

Derby West Vineyard

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a coastal bluff in San Simeon, Derby West lies at the absolute extreme of coastal viticulture, located just over 1 mile from the coast. It produces powerful, yet distinctive wines unlike anything else we produce.

Riven Rock Vineyard

Perched upon steep, rocky hillsides up a coastal valley just outside of the coastal hamlet of Cambria, Riven Rock is a remote, 7-acre vineyard that produces deep, powerful, structured Pinot Noir. Lying 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean, it is the warmest of our sites.

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